Oh I am so excited you stopped in!  I have so much to show you, and I know you're going to love it!  But first, what about me?  The photographer, the one you're going to allow to capture some of the most important events events in your life!  My name is Sandra, a damn talented photographer who loves people.  Yup, you read it correctly, I love people.  Not many can say that, and I am proud to say so.  I am madly in love with my metal head husband who partners with me to help out with carrying gear, setting it up, he's my chauffeur, doubles as security and is just a fine gentleman.  You'll meet him soon! We love music, we even travel around the world to attend music concerts! I love to laugh out loud, super loud!  We have children, we call them our Children of the Corn!  But in all reality they are the most productive adults I've ever seen.  We are super proud.  We also have two dogs, a husky mix and pittie mix, they are hyper little shits.  I am incredibly creative, and I love when my clients trust me to create the vision.    Are you ready?  Ready for me to create something bold, captivating and brilliant?  Contact me today!  

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